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Writer CV

Writing is a rewarding yet creative profession which helps in transforming the ideas into documentation. Therefore, a writer CV must translate the essential skills of an individual who is proficient in this field. This also helps an employer to determine the kind of writing an individual is proficient at and what could be the most […]

Scriptwriter or Screenplay Writer CV

The Scriptwriter or Screenplay Writer provides the intellectual mean of any movie or film as it created the contextual story around which the characters and film are inevitably wound together. The movie story is the basic foundation for any cinematographic work to succeed in reaching its target audience.  Whether it is original or adapted from […]

Film&Movie Reviewer CV

Movie lovers often refer to their favourite Film/Movie Critics or Reviewers to guide them on which upcoming movies are worth the wait to watch. Film reviewers are excellent writers whose objective is as much to entertain as their subjects are.  They may not always agree with popular sentiments of what a good movie is about […]

Professional Book Reviewer CV

Book lover around the world often check with the recommendation of Professional Book Reviewers on the latest book titles worth reading. These professional writers provide both objective and subjective insights and opinions about forthcoming and current book releases to inform the reading public about what the book is about and how ell the author was […]

Editor CV

An editor is in charged to do necessary revisions of a written document and/or suggest changes in the design and layouts of a certain publication. A newspaper editor, moreover, also delegates writing assignments for correspondents and writers.   Sample Editor CV Pierre Newport 52 Finchley Road, Golders Green London, NW11 7PE Email: Phone: 020 7385 3920 Career […]

Technical Author CV

A technical author is a professional writer who produces documents for technical use, like brochures, user guides, manuals, etc.  One should have a good understanding of the subject so that documentation can be provided with clarity.  Thus the CV should reflect one’s qualifications or experience in the technical field or the ability to gather information […]

Ghost Writer CV

A ghost writer is a professional writer who is hired to write articles, biographies, stories, lyrics for a given style of music, essays, and even blogs nowadays, for which he is paid and the credit goes to the hiring person.  The accomplishments of the applicant as a writer should be the highlight of the CV.  […]

Editor CV

Editing involves correction, organization, and proper modification of written work.  Editing is in demand in various fields like newspapers, books and journals, technical documents, medical reports.  An editor’s CV should dwell on his language, ability to look for detail, and creativity.  These resume can also be used by copy editors, technical editors, medical transcription editors, […]

Copy Writer CV

A copywriter has to take up the task of promoting a business or a person in advertising agencies, public relations firms, etc.  He must have a good imagination and creativity and be able to produce persuasive matter.  The CV of a copy writer should reflect his creativity and ability to think out of the bag.  […]

Online Writer CV

The Internet offers various opportunities for budding writers to get a start on their career and also for established professional writers.  A flair for writing and willingness to gather the up-to-date knowledge on subjects is an added advantage for a job as an online writer and these qualities should form the main part of the […]