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Telecom Field Technician CV

The technicians who are required to operate in the field and perform all types of managerial, organisational, repair related duties for the telecommunications industry are called telecom field technicians. The telecom filed technician CV is the CV of a person who wishes to be hired at this position in a company or an organisation. These […]

Telecom CV

Telecom CVs shouldreflect excellent communication skills.Telecom jobsrequire you to have outstanding people and communication skills. You should also have problem solving skills as the jobs in this sector mostly deal with solving the problems the client is experiencing.Telecom CVsthat reflect all of these skills with clear demonstration will always win more attention from therecruiter. Some […]

Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer CV

Wireless and Satellite Dish Installers are telecoms equipment installers specialized in the installation and maintenance of wireless data and satellite antenna dishes. These are microwave frequency antennas that connect the office or home wirelessly to the telecom company’s base or repeater stations through a direct line-of-sight connectivity.  They erect the antennas either on the exterior […]

Cellphone Technician CV

Mobile Phone Technicians are initially trained as electronics technicians but have specialized in troubleshooting and repair for a growing number of cellphone and smartphone users.  While majority of cellphones in the entry and budget levels are essentially throwaways, medium and upscale models and smartphones are not. Mobile Phone Technicians can restore a non performing units […]

Telecom HR Manager CV

Human Resource is a very vital part of the success of any organization and it is a work with a higher responsibilities. Like other sectors there is a good scope of HR career in Telecom industry also. Given below is the sample of the Telecom HR Manager CV and this will help the employees who […]

Telecom Project Manager CV

Telecom industry is one of the booming industries and can bring to you many opportunities. This industry has a very bright future and ample opportunities. Hence, it will help you plan a bright career ahead. Telecom Project Manager CV will really be helpful while applying in telecom industry. Telecom Project Manager CV John Smith D/17, […]

Telecom Sales and Marketing CV

Telecom is a sector with rapid growth so it has many good job openings. Given below is the sample of the Telecom Sales and Marketing CV. This will help to apply for the Sales and Marketing job in the telecom companies. Telecom Sales and Marketing CV Robert Parker 34, String Street, Los Angeles, California […]

Telecom Technician CV

Telecom Technician is job full of responsibilities and needs round the clock working. The job needs lot of dedication and commitment. The professionals having sound technical background can apply for such job. The sample of Telecom Technician CV will be helpful to you if applying for this kind of job. Sample Telecom Technician CV Format […]

Telecom fresher CV

Telecommunication is one of the booming sectors in today’s economy. With the globalization the need for the communication is increasing day by day so many new telecom companies are coming and the older ones are expanding their network. This has created a lot of job openings in the telecom industry. You can use the following […]

Router/Switches/IP Test Engineer CV

This is a very specialized job. The router/switches/IP Test Engineer needs to be technically sound. The professionals having CISCO network certification can apply for such positions. The past experience always counts. If you have similar qualification and now you are looking for any such opening than the opportunities are waiting for you. The sample of […]