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Student CV

Student CV’scan be written from two perspectives: academic based or skills based. This largely depends on the type ofjobone is looking for after finishing school. When looking for ajobplacement an academic basedCV formatwould be advantageous. It showcases your academic qualifications and shows that you have the credentials and professional training to get thejobdone. TheCV formatshould […]

Students CV advice / guide

Before sitting down to write your CV do a bit of research on the skill set required for the job you want to apply for. Once you have sufficient information make a list of your skills and activities that match the requirement for the job you are looking for.  Most often students have just one […]

How to create a student CV

Students resume should primarily list various projects and extracurricular activities undertaken by the student. It would also mention the challenges faced in the projects and how you resolved these issues. Employers are very particular about deadlines and resource management skills. Mention about the activities which highlight your resource management skills that you did in your […]

University Student CV

A professional work experience can add a more to ones CV and this is true for the university student also. Few guidelines are given here which can help a university student to prepare an effective CV. It is very necessary to present a effective CV at the time of interviewer as it creates a good […]

Undergraduate Student CV

To earn while you learn is a best concept in today’s world. Students can earn money and also a professional work experience by doing a job. If you have a work experience then it helps a lot in getting a better job after completion of the degree course. The given Undergraduate Student CV is helpful […]

Student CV Layout

Students can also gain professional work experience by working on a part time basis, on weekends or on full time basis at the vacation time. This will help them to understand the work culture of their sector and it will also add the experience. So after study they can show that work experience and with […]

Student CV Example

Students opt more and more for the job these days as short term jobs or part time regular jobs can give them knowledge which helps them to survive in the professional environment. It is very much needed that you go with a presentable CV in the interview as your CV gives the idea about you. […]

Psychology Student CV

Psychology deals with study of human and animal behavior, and basically how their mind works. The job of psychologists includes the study of motives, processes, feelings, emotions, reactions of human mind. They offer counseling and help in altering or changing thought process of the patient for better balanced life. Psychologists typically apply their knowledge in […]

Pharmacy Student CV

Pharmacy students have career options that are not only challenging, but also highly lucrative. The knowledge and training undergone by pharmacy student in Pharmaceutics opens up immense opportunities in wider career range. Some of the career options include, but not limited to, Teaching, Pharmacist, Quality Assurance Health Manager, Medical Transcription, Clinical Research, Biotechnology related careers […]

Ph.D. Student CV

Many students prefer to continue their Ph.D program with job as Ph.D. more time to complete and it also requires lots of research. Ph.D students can apply for the job of their respective field. They can give more information about their subject of thesis also as it will help an interviewer to understand that your […]