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Sports CV

A sports CV is naturally a document that reveals the sports knowledge and skills of a particular candidate who wants to apply for some job in this field or even learn more sports and sharpen his/ her proficiency. Such a CV does not involve only credits won by a person in sports activities. An efficient […]

Martial Arts Instructor CV

Martial Arts Instructors provide basic and advance self defense courses in any of the various martial arts that are popular.  These are mostly oriental such as Judo, Karate, Ju-jitsu, Taekwondo, kung-fu, along with other less famous Asian and African martial arts disciplines.  These instructors are often self employed who won studios for training a school […]

Football Coordinator CV

With the right Football Coordinator in your team, it’s not a far fetched dream to get a college scholarship if you have a promising football performance.  The Football coordinator often has the right network of friends in the NFL league to get the right football coach and get the school team noticed and its outstanding […]

Gymnastics Head Coach CV

Gymnastics Coaches provide the technical skills for budding gymnasts who can drive themselves to under the usually demanding rigors of the sport, especially if they are compete in national championships, let alone the Olympics.  Apart from coaching promising school athletes at a tender age when the sport is best taught, gymnastics coach are useful in […]

Swimming Coach/Instructor CV

Swimming Coaches or Instructors are your teachers in the athletic sport of swimming and can also be trained for other water sports like diving and water polo, among others.  They are often employed in athletic and sport gyms and host annual summer swimming clinks or can perform as part time physical education high school teachers […]

Sports Administration CV

To pursue a career in sports administration, one must have administrative skills in organization, event management, marketing, planning, budgets, etc.  The CV for sports administration can highlight these qualities along with the pertinent degrees or qualifications that are helpful in such a career.  These resume can also be used by sports agents, sports coaches, coordinators, […]

Sports Agent CV

A sports agent is responsible for promoting the career of an athlete or sports person.  They have to communicate with team managers, team owners, coaches, captains, and others connected to the field to negotiate contracts for their clients.  Thus a sports agent’s CV should reflect his communication skills and a fair knowledge in sports and […]

Sports Broadcasting CV

In the sports broadcasting field a commentator covers a sports event on television, radio, or other media and reports on the events as they happen.  A presence of mind and sense of humour are added qualities for a commentator and such qualities can be highlighted in the CV in addition to the qualifications and experience.  […]

Sports Journalism CV

A sports journalism reports on matters dealing with sports for newspapers, news channels, and the like.  A sports writer has to be unbiased and should be able to work late into the day if needed to cover certain sports events, and should have  good knowledge on the various aspects of sports.  The CV of a […]

Sports Science CV

A sports scientist has to utilize scientific methods to improve sports performance.  Physiology, psychology, motor control and biomechanics, nutrition and diet, sports technology, and performance analysis are some of the scientific methods incorporated.  Thus the CV of a sports scientist should contain his qualifications and experience in one or more of the above fields.  These […]