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Security Systems Technician CV

A security systems technician is a professional whose job is to install, maintain, repair and design systems and works for security related companies and organisations. These technicians work in a variety of work settings and design and install a variety of products such as intelligent cameras, security systems cameras, scanners, card access systems etc. A […]

Security CV

Security is a vital factor of our lives as well of professional career and even products and services of a company or business firm. Hence there is always a need for such officials who would efficiently safeguard security of any required form at any level. Thereby becomes pronounced the need for a security CV which […]

CCTV Security Officer CV

In nearly all highly restricted areas, both in public and private spaces, Closed Circuit TV of CCTV systems are installed to provide monitoring of activities, people and movements and enable a 24-48 hour cyclical video recording for any investigative purpose.  CCTV Security Officers are responsible in operating the CCTV console which is centralized in a […]

Airport Security Officer CV

Airport Security Officers can be organic employees or outsourced from 3rd party security agencies to the airport management organization. They are assigned in all entrance, exit and intermediate restricted areas of the airport premises.  They are often found assisting Immigration Officers and Air Marshal in ensuring that airport operations are safe and protected from unwanted […]

Dog Security Guard CV

Dog Security Guards are security officers who handle specially trained breed of dogs deployed at airports, seaports, rail station, banks, amusement parks and other high risk high profile areas.  These dogs are often called sniffer dogs which are trained to sound off alerting barks when detecting concealed weapons, banned drugs, dangerous goods and explosives.  The […]

Security Guard Trainor CV

Security Guard Trainers provide basic training course for newly hire security guards.  Depending on the security agency, the training can cover the week long 40-hour course or thorough enough to include basic self defense course, use of advance weapons and firearms, building access control systems and use of security surveillance systems   Security Guard Trainor […]

Security Area Manager CV

Security Area Managers are responsible for enforcing the corporate security provisions over an assigned geographic area depending on the extent of its operations, whether organic to the company or outsourced to 3rd party security agencies. Security Area Managers have direct control, supervision and administration of a team of security officers deployed throughout various commercial and […]

Security Supervisor CV

Security Supervisors provides immediate operational and administrative leadership over a team of security officers and security guards assigned to a specific location, building or office.  They are responsible for scheduling security officer deployment, mentoring new hires and generally implementing and enforcing corporate security policies.   Security Supervisor CV Format Michael T. Sanborn Mack Ave., Detroit, […]

Factory Security Guard CV

Factory Security Guards are indispensable in protecting and securing the often high restricted factory premises of manufacturing companies.  They are on alert 24×7 against unauthorized or illegal trespass and intrusions and as such, are deployed on 3 work shifts with staggered days off to cover the weekends and holidays.  The function is typically outsourced to […]

Gaming & Casino Surveillance Officer CV

Gaming and Casino Surveillance Officers provide supervision in the installation and operation of high technology surveillance systems in high risk high casino premises.  They harness CCTV and electronic eavesdropping technologies to monitor activities on the casino floors. These devices are often installed in strategic places such as gaming tables, ceilings, behind planters and wall decors […]