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Oil CV

An oil CV is used when applying for a position in the oil industry. When drafting an oil resume, individuals should include that they are able to with little supervision and that they are team players. In the energy sector, individuals may handle dangerous substances such as petroleum. Individuals should therefore include in theirvitae that they possess safety awareness […]

Mining Geological Engineer CV

Mining geological engineer’s task is to design machineries and processes to extract, find and prepare metals, coals, minerals, rare minerals or earths so that they can be processed by mining industries and commercial use. Therefore, mining geological engineer CV must outline the essential know-how of a candidate that recruiters of a mining company look for. […]

Nuclear Equipment Technician CV

A nuclear equipment technician must be trained in handling extremely sensitive and sophisticated equipment which need careful monitoring. This requires considerable skill and technical acumen. Thus a nuclear equipment technician CV must encompass all the necessary details about the candidate in order to provide a clear picture about his or her suitability for the job […]

Nuclear Power Plant Engineer CV

A nuclear power plant engineer will be required to control the operations of a civilian nuclear plant facility, monitor its production and capacity and detect threats of any abnormal activity which may have far reaching consequences. A nuclear power plant CV thus must have the requisite training and academic background and a nuclear power plant […]

Oil Reservoir Engineer CV

An oil reservoir engineer must be trained to handle the myriad challenges his job will create for him. He must be well trained in surface analysis, reservoir design; pressure mapping etc. and he must have the necessary educational and professional qualifications as well. Thus an oil reservoir engineer’s CV must outline the essential and other […]

Geophysicist CV

A geophysicist has a wide variety of fields to choose from when it comes to professional work. He can be a seismic interpreter, an important member of coal mining companies, a structural analysts, a soil tester etc. Thus a geophysicist’s CV must be adequate and comprehensive. It must outline his field of interest and the […]

Oil Refinery Supervisor CV

An oil refinery supervisor is entrusted with an extremely important responsibility of supervising the processes at an oil refinery. Any slight mistake on his part shall cause major health and fire hazards in the oil refinery and hence the right kind of expertise and experience is needed for this post. An oil refinery supervisor CV […]

Oil Refinery Foreman CV

An oil refinery foreman is a person who works in an oil refinery site and leads the team of workers, who are working in the organization. Their primary duty is to supervise and coordinate the oil refining procedure procedures that are adopted by the workers. An oil refinery foreman CV should include his educational qualification, […]

Oil Refinery Manager CV

An oil refinery manager is a person, who is responsible for managing the various projects of the oil refinery. He is in charge of the entire organization and coordinates the planning, execution and implementation of various projects as well as supervises the workers and members of the refinery. Thus an oil refinery manager CV should […]

Solar Engineer CV

Solar engineers have the essential task of managing the solar energy efficiently. Therefore, a solar engineer CV must effectively enunciate the essential know-how of a candidate that this field requires. Moreover, as this field is one of the demanding one for management of a useful sources of energy hence a candidate must outline his or […]