Category: Marketing CV

Marketing Specialist CV

A marketing specialist is an employee of a company whose job is to realise and analyse the company’s marketing potential and is responsible for promoting the company. He/she is required to build strategies, handle promotions, create campaigns etc for the good and positive marketing of the organisation. Any person interested in this position must frame […]

Retail Marketing CV

A retail marketing profession is one that involves the process of implementing strategies for marketing the retail products of a company. There are many responsibilities that are requires to be fulfilled in retail marketing professional such as managing the pricing of retail products, managing promotion of retail products, conduct research on marketability of retail products […]

Marketing CV

Marketing CVsare essential if you are applying for jobs in the marketing sector. You should prepare your CV in a manner that will convince theemployerthat you are the best person for themarketing job.This CVs cut across the board i.e. whether you are a college senior looking for an internship or an experienced professional seeking to […]

Circulation Manager CV

A circulation manager CV is a resume of a person who is applying for a post of the circulation manager of a company. This job positions demands the applicant to be able to circulate a product or a service in a manner that it reaches the largest possible consumer base. This job is to be […]

Promotions Manager CV

A promotions manager is a person who is incharge of the advertising related tasks for a company. His job might need him to plan and implement campaigns which are meant to stir an interest in the public about the product, service or event created by the company for which he works. A promotions manager CV […]

Media/Advertising Sales CV

A Media/Advertising Sales executive is a person who is responsible for the sales and marketing tasks of a media or advertising company. This job may involve researching for prospect clients, setting meetings and presenting media offers. A media/advertising sales CV is a set of qualifications and skills which make the applicant suitable for the job. […]

Entry Level Marketing Manager CV

Entry level marketing manager CV is a CV which is made for a person applying for the job of an entry level marketing manager. An entry level marketing manager is an employee whose has got in his share the most basic set of marketing tasks and responsibilities. He is in charge of handling market research […]

Marketing Officer CV

Marketing Officer CV is a CV which is written by an applicant who is applying for the post of a marketing officer. This CV must be equipped with all the qualifications and skill details which make the candidate the right choice for the job. A marketing officer is a person in charge of the sales […]

Merchandise Buyer CV

A merchandise buyer is a person who is responsible for the buying of merchandise for the company. He is incharge for the purchasing of the cloth through a selective procedure and market analysis. He keeps the budget in mind and changes range of merchandise according to demand. A merchandise buyer CV must consist of all […]

New Product Planning Manager CV

A new product planning manager CV belongs to an applicant applying for the post of a new product planning manager. This post is one which might require the employee to plan, execute and manage all the tasks related to a new product produced by a company. This job demands the candidate to have a sharp […]