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Legal Internship CV

A legal internship candidate is one who is undertaking legal studies and is required to undertake internship with a legal firm as part of the course curriculum. Some of the duties fulfilled by a legal internship candidate are check past cases as directed by superior attorneys, research legal precedents and legislations for ongoing cases, assist […]

Legal Director CV

Legal Director is a person who is entrusted with variety of duties and responsibilities. It is the person who is chosen by the majority votes of shareholders of the company and he has to look after all the legal policies and plans of an organization. Some of the responsibilities of a legal director are supervise […]

Legal Training Contract CV

A legal training Contract is one which involves the candidate to take up legal training in a law firm before becoming a practicing lawyer. This training is mandatory to qualify as a solicitor and is a contractual position. The duties that are fulfilled by a legal training contract candidate are make notes dictated by a […]

Legal Nurse Consultant CV

Legal nurse consultant is a nurse who is registered and works in the field of health care. Some of the duties fulfilled by a legal nurse are review of medical records, assist in discovery of medical facts related to a legal issue, provide reports for medical records, provide details of different kinds of ailments, provide […]

Legal CV

Legal services CVsare needed for those applying for jobs in the legal sector. Thejobsmight be in business law, criminal or civil law. From time to time companies or people will be engaged in disputes and they will need to resolve these disputes by enlisting the services of a legal expert. You may also be required […]

Deputy Court Clerk CV

Deputy Court Clerks play a very significant role in the legal field.  They are responsible for drafting legal memoranda, orders and legal advices released by lawyers.  They analyze statutes, regulations and issues that are crucial for the lawyers to study for specific cases. Deputy Court Clerks prepare documents with meticulous attention to details and must […]

Court Reporter CV

Court Reporters may be employed in different media outfits such as the radio, TV, newspaper or magazine.  They gather information about criminal cases and anything that comes from the court and make stories for them to publish or broadcast.  They get their information from different sources in the court field and then write a report […]

Public Investigator CV

Public Investigators are responsible for gathering information and data for criminal cases represented by a public attorney.  They collect evidences related and vital to the case by interviews and research.  They cross examine eyewitnesses and criminals for their alleged offenses and establish the validity of their sworn statements.  They must be able to evaluate the […]

Law Intern CV

Legal interns work for a law office with the main responsibility of giving assistance to the legal staff and attorneys.  They are tasked to prepare routine documents such as appointment letters and must verify its accuracy and clarity for the benefit of the lawyers and the judge.  They must have skills in operating office equipment […]

Criminal Justice CV

Criminal justices are law enforcers who ensure that civilians are adhering to laws provided by the state and the national government.    They specialize in detecting and capturing individuals with illegal activities and have law offenses.  They target those who have cases on illegal immigration, drug and weapons, smuggling and even terrorism.  Criminal justices may also […]