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IT Technical Support Manager CV

An IT technical support manager is an individual who is employed by an IT company to provide IT technical support to the company. These individuals handle managerial duties and manage the entire working of the IT technical support department. In order to apply for the said position, a person must draft an impressive resume that […]

PHP Web Developer CV

A PHP web developer is an individual or a professional who is responsible for the development and the creation of a large number of web based products by making use of PHP, JavaScript, AJAX etc.  These individuals are hired by IT based companies or programming firms and perform several functions. A PHP web developer CV […]

Database Programmer CV

A database programmer is a professional who is hired by a company to gather various kinds of data and information for the development of a database. He/she designs, develops and maintains new as well as existing databases and also performs several other functions and duties. A database programmer CV is the CV of an individual […]

WordPress Developer CV

A Word press developer is one who works in the field of web development in a company. Some of the duties fulfilled by a word press developer are software development, provide design tools, monitor media changes, keep track of web development languages and lastly have the ability to resolve cross browser issues. A sample WordPress […]

Java Developer CV

A Java Developer is one who creates user information solutions by developing, implementing, and maintaining Java based components and interfaces in an IT company. The Java developer defines site objectives by analyzing user requirements; envisioning system features and functionality and extends service support in the domain. A sample Java Developer CV is provided here under […]

SAS Programmer CV

A SAS programmer is the one who works on development of the SAS code in a technology company. A SAS programmer is one who creates analyses datasets, tables, figures, listings, electronic submission packages according to pre set code norms. The SAS programmer will convert data from specifications and statements of problems to computer codes. A SAS […]

IT Project Manager CV

An IT project manager is one who is in charge of managing the activities involved in an IT project in a company. The project manager has many responsibilities to be fulfilled such as finalize project deliverables, support the project management team to deliver the desired output, provide awareness about entire project to other team members […]

IT Auditor CV

An IT auditor is one who is responsible for quality assurance procedures and reviewing processes pertaining to the data involved in the project, data security issues and programming with respect to policies followed in the company. Apart from this an IT Auditor is required to have insight into various hardware and software platforms while providing […]

SQL Developer CV

A structured Query Language Developer is a person who is responsible for analyzing, designing and supporting applications that are compatible with the popular language of database known as SQL.A person acquiring advance knowledge in this field is an expert of SQL and can handle any query to retrieve information from the database. The SQL Developer […]

Desktop Support CV

Desktop Support professionals are those people who are specialist in providing technical support to the users who uses the computer software and hardware functions. They are the professionals who work with the help desk staff of the company and follows companies rules and regulations. A Desktop Support candidate should be a good problem solver with […]