Category: Internet CV

Web Designer CV

A web designer CV should be reflective of an individual with a creative mind. You should show that you are able to work under minimal supervision. Web designers are in high demand today. This can be attributed to the high level of competition created by Internet marketing. Many organizations are finding that they can improve […]

Search Engine Marketer CV

Search engine marketing or simply Internet marketing involves using common Internet search engines like MSN search, Yahoo, Google and others to attract customers to purchase products from a particular site. Candidates applying to fill this post must be very well conversant with the latest trends and technology in web marketing, search engine optimization and general […]

3D Animator CV

Three Dimensional animation involves creating an attractive and realistic illusion of movement of objects. A 3D animator creates these characters and layouts, adds visual effects and a storyline to produce a functional screen feature. An animator is an artist, so when applying for a post in 3D animation, know that employers prefer naturally talented artists […]

Computer Animation CV

Computer animation is a fast growing computer graphics industry. However, competition to the job openings in this field is stiff; therefore applicants are often enlisted or hired based on how well their resume speaks for them. Animators work in 2D or 3D model making and animation or computer generated animation. When writing a CV, ensure […]

Computer Networking CV

A computer network technician sets up, installs and monitors both Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). When applying to fill this post in a company, you need to write a CV that speaks for you, clearly bringing out your skills and abilities as well as technical and professional expertise without fluff and […]

Computer Technician CV

A computer technician is responsible for upgrading, maintenance and recommending computers and computer equipment for a company. When writing a resume, emphasize on the technical knowledge you have especially in repairing and maintaining hardware and software aspects of a computer system. Be sure to mention your ability to identify and resolve technical problems. As computer […]

Computer Operator CV

The work of a computer operator may not be as simple as employers may intend it to be. A computer operator controls and monitors a computer and peripheral data processing devices. The operator also process scientific, business, engineering and other data types. Therefore, your resume should clearly outline your abilities in relation to the job […]

Computer Scientist CV

Computer science is a broad field that requires people with varying talents and areas of specialization. When applying to be employed in the computer science field, your resume must illustrate your area of service and other factors that might be considered when selecting candidates to fill this post. These include your past experience (successful projects […]

Computer Specialist CV

In the last decade, computer and IT infrastructure have turned out to be an integral part of everyday life at school, home, work, and everywhere else. Almost every computer user experiences a problem at one time or another, whether it is a forgotten password, software corruption or a hard drive crash. The extensive use of […]

Internet Security CV

With the unrelenting importance of customer privacy and information security, the position of an Internet security and disaster recovery manager has become a hot cake. An Internet security manager reports to the information senior executive office. When drafting a resume, be sure to include successful projects or companies you have worked with in the past. […]