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Information Services CV

Information services CV is the CV of a person related to the information-technology industry. His job revolves around broadcasting information to the people at large about anything under the sun. The services are disseminated from public-relations department of the government or private agencies including internet advertisers depending on the area of their responsibilities. Just as […]

Metallurgist CV

Metallurgist is the person responsible for studying and researching the behavior of different metals and alloys. They are specialized in investigating the performance of any metal. Therefore a candidate applying for the position of metallurgist must highlight all his essential knowledge in his CV. Sample Metallurgist CV Harry Peterson 45A, ringroad New Virginia Phone number:8997979 […]

Language Interpreter CV

The job of a language interpreter mainly includes giving assistance to non-English speaking parties. It also includes providing a wide range of interpretation activities for court personnel and the public. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a language interpreter and these qualities must be highlighted in the […]

Trade Union Research Officer CV

A trade union research officer is someone who informs the actions and strategic progress of trade alliances by collecting, examining and distributing information on social, economic and political problems. The CV of such a person has details of his job objectives, career experience as well as career related skills. Sample Trade Union Research Officer CV […]

Social Researcher CV

Social researchers are individuals who scheme, design and run social research ventures. They collect and scrutinize information, using a number of computer softwares to systematize the data, which they put forward orally or in writing. A social researcher‘s CV must contain details of his educational background as well as job objectives along with his career […]

Trade Mark Attorney CV

Trade mark attorneys are expert legal professionals capable of advising clients about defending and enforcing their trade mark privileges. By offering legal assistance on the enlistment, use and utilization of new and present trademarks, trade mark attorneys make sure of the fact that companies fruitfully protect the individuality and reliability of their brands. The CV […]

Patent Examiner CV

A patent examiner is basically a civil servant working in a patent’s office. The main job of a patent examiner is to review the patent application and decide whether the claimed invention should be granted a patent. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a patent examiner. Sample […]

Patent Attorney CV

The work of a patent attorney mainly includes representing clients in acquiring patents and acting in procedures and matters related to patent practice and law. The work mainly includes legalization and granting of patents. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a patent attorney. Sample Patent Attorney CV […]

Museum Exhibition Officer CV

The work of a museum exhibition officer mainly includes marketing, buying and maintaining the traveling or permanent exhibitions. A museum exhibition officer’s job mainly includes working with professionals involved in logistics and public relations. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in the candidate applying for the post of a museum exhibition officer. Sample Museum Exhibition […]

Museum Curator CV

A museum curator is a person who manages historical and cultural collections in the museum. Often a candidate with profound background in anthropology archaeology and history are preferred as a museum curator. Hence, the CV of the candidate applying as museum curator must highlight all the required qualities. Sample Museum Curator CV Ricky Frazier House […]