Category: Healthcare CV

Clinical Psychologist CV

A clinical psychologist is one who works for the mental and emotional health of patients suffering with psychological problems. Some of the duties that a clinical psychologist fulfills are interview patients to identify kind of disorder, observes patients for response to situations, treats psychological disorders of all kinds, provides either therapy or medication according to […]

Orthodontist CV

An orthodontist is one who provides dental treatment to a patient wherein the dental irregularities are corrected. The orthodontist has many duties to fulfill with regard to the dental treatment of patients such as dental replacement, modification of facial growth, improving appearance of teeth and face, setting disproportionate jaw etc. The profile of an orthodontist […]

Pediatrician CV

A pediatrician is a doctor who is in charge of diagnosis and treatment of diseases pertaining to children. There are a lot of responsibilities that a pediatrician has to fulfill like examination of children for check on proper growth, provide advice to children and parents on health and disease prevention, diagnose ailments suffered by children, […]

Physiotherapist assistant CV

A physiotherapy assistant is one who works under a physiotherapist and performs duties of assisting in treatment of patients. The physiotherapist assistant has many duties to perform such as working according to instructions of physiotherapist to treat patients, assist patients with disability, monitoring status of patients and reporting to physiotherapist. A sample physiotherapist assistant CV […]

Laboratory Chemist CV

A laboratory chemist is one who works in a chemical laboratory that performs specific chemical, physical and biological tests. The key activities that a laboratory chemist performs are make use of laboratory equipments for various tests, review and monitor test results, perform all laboratory procedures as necessary, collect samples, provide reports of tests conducted etc. […]

Healthcare Analyst CV

Healthcare analysts compile various important medical data via the use of computer-based applications. They mostly work full time at the healthcare agencies and hospitals. Most of their time is spent gathering, modelling, validating an analysing the data that’s collected for the company. The data is often used for understanding the present trends of the healthcare […]

Healthcare Executive CV

Healthcare executives are responsible for provisioning and commissioning of healthcare via the management of a general practitioner, hospital or a community-based health services. A healthcare executive liaises with the non-clinical and clinical staff and various partner organisations, at the same time considering demands of the various federal and state regulations and emergent circumstances. A healthcare […]

Massage Therapist CV

Massage Therapists are professionals who are skilled and trained in massage therapy for medicinal benefits. Massage therapy involves manipulation of muscles and soft tissues in the body and it’s used for several reasons. Among the various reasons why massage therapy is done involves relaxation of the tired and overworked muscles, to treat pain that could […]

Phlebotomist CV

Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals working in blood banks, hospitals and various other diagnostic healthcare facilities where they draw blood from the patients. The blood collected is used for the purpose of medical analysis or donation to patients who need blood. Phlebotomists use equipment like disposable containers, needles, tourniquets, alcohol and gauze while drawing blood from […]

Mental Health Counsellor CV

The work of a mental health counsellor is to help and work with families, individuals and groups with the issues that have an impact on their overall well being, particularly their mental state. The work could often include mental illnesses and other mental or psychological disorders along with the problems that result from life. A […]