Category: Finance CV

Commercial Finance Manager CV

A commercial finance manager is one who provides financial and strategic planning for a corporate company. The commercial finance manager is solely responsible for the development and implementation of finance business model of the company. The candidate has to work proactively with all the departments in the company to provide best business improvement strategies. Some […]

Assistant Finance Manager CV

An assistant finance manager is one who provides assistance to the finance manager in an organization. The candidate working in this position has to do the evaluation of financial statements of a company and prepare the financial statements that comply with the mandatory requirements. Some of the statements prepared by assistant finance manager are balance […]

Corporate Finance Analyst CV

A corporate finance analyst is one who provides advisory services to a company on investment options. It is the responsibility of the corporate finance analyst to keep track of the liquid assets of the company and provide suggestions for optimum utility of idle cash funds. Due to the financial investigation and advice provided by the […]

Finance Business Partner CV

A finance business partner is one who has the knowledge and the expertise and is willing to invest money in a business venture of another company. The finance business partner provides all the essential skills necessary for the success of the business along with financing it. A sample finance business partner CV is given below […]

Finance Business Analyst CV

A finance business analyst is one who studies the financial position of a company in order to identify its pros and cons from time to time. The finance business analyst audits the financial spreadsheets of the company for evaluation of performance. The analysis provided by the finance business analyst is crucial for a company as […]

Finance Contractor CV

A finance contractor is one who is hired by a company as a finance officer on a contractual basis for overseeing finance activities of the company. The finance contractor is entrusted with the responsibility of effective functioning of the finance department by evaluating and conducting finance activities in a proper manner. Some of the other […]

Finance Clerk CV

A finance clerk is one who undertakes all the clerical activities involved in a finance department of the organization. Some of the duties fulfilled by a finance clerk are to post daily accounting entries, voucher preparation, reconcile finance reports etc. A well drafted Finance Clerk CV plays a very important role for this position as […]

Finance Coordinator CV

A finance coordinator is one who helps the finance manager in the preparation of financial statements in a company. The candidate assists in process of financial reporting which includes audit and tax reports as well. The finance coordinator should possess good knowledge of accounting principles and other regulatory requirements. Given below is a sample finance […]

Finance Risk Manager CV

A finance risk manager is one who undertakes the analysis of the financial risk that a company is exposed to in business. The key activities undertaken by a finance risk manager are identification of major financial risks, advice risk coverage measures, help the company manger risk by suggesting risk protection options, report preparation for risk […]

Financial Services Project Manager CV

A financial services project manager utilises his finance based qualifications and technical knowledge to manage the financial projects and services of an organisation. He should be a responsible member of the company, working with full loyalty and dedication to coordinate, manage and oversee the working status of a particular financial project. To apply for the […]