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Packaging Engineer CV

A packaging engineer is a person who excels in thinking, designing and packaging complex materials, products etc for the company. A packaging engineer is usually creative to pack projects and materials, analysing and overseeing the packaging procedure from initiation to the completion. The job post of a packaging engineer requires a person to be flexible […]

Finance Professor CV

Finance professor CV is a document that an applicant submits when he wishes to apply for the job post of a finance professor at school, college or any such educational institute. The job post of a finance professor requires a person to be skilful about the knowledge of financial sector and proficient to deliver successful […]

Computer Science Professor CV

A computer science professor teaches and imparts the knowledge related to computer and its applications, both theoretically as well as practically. As a professor, he should be skilled to instruct and guide students in the entire learning process and ensure success in their performances. An applicant applying for the job post of a computer science […]

Economics Professor CV

In an educational institute, an economics professor is the one responsible for imparting practical and theoretical knowledge to the students about Economics. An economics professor can teach and share economy related knowledge to the students of school, graduate and post graduate colleges. He or she should specialise in teaching macro economics, priced economics and other […]

Chemistry Professor CV

A chemistry professor is a professional who specialises in teaching and instructing Chemistry and its branches. He or she is the one who aims to teach various chemical processes, organic or inorganic studies, thermodynamic lessons or other related chemistry fields to their students by imparting comprehensive knowledge. A chemistry professor should be skilled to teach […]

Education CV

Educational CV is by far the most diverse of all resumes in the common market today. Job seekers need to be very specific on their resumes when applying for job positions in the education sector. Some of the career opportunities available in the education industry range from class work to extra-curricular activities including the most common teaching, teacher assistant, […]

Story Writer CV

Medwin Warner Lewes Road, Brighton, BN4 4AT Phone:  1234-567-8901 Objective I want to work as a story writer of an excellent publishing firm where I can contribute my skills and talent.  I wish to share stories that could inspire and challenge readers. Summary of Qualifications Three years working as a story writer of a […]

Assistant Principal CV

Neil Bean Russell Square London, WC5H 0XG Phone:  1234-567-8901 Objective I hope to work as an assistant principal in an academic institution.  I believe that my administrative and management skills will be a helpful contribution to an academic institution providing good education. Summary of Qualification Two years working as an assistant principal in a […]

Temporary Teacher CV

Michael Pillay Liverpool, L4 5UX Phone:  1234-567-8901 Objective I am looking to fill the vacant position as a temporary teacher for Science.  I believe that I am highly qualified for the job and can perform the duties of a teacher at par with the school standards. Summary of Qualification Two years working as a […]

Principal CV

Mark Davies Houghton Street London, WC6A 2AE Phone:  1234-567-8901 Objective I intend to work as a principal in an excellent school where my management and administrative skills can be maximized and harnessed.  My vision is a school proTemporary Teacherviding quality education that will produce responsible and active youth who have concern for national development. […]