Category: Designer CV

Jewellery Designer CV

A jewellery designer CV is a formal document which an individual frames when he or she aspires to become a jewellery designer. These CV must contain the details about the skills sets, qualifications and experience of the candidate so as to attract the potential employer. A sample CV is given below. Sample Jewellery Designer CV […]

Architectural Designer CV

An architectural designer is the professional designer who is primarily involved in the designing of urban landscapes and other buildings/ structures. The CV is a very important document in order to grab this position and it must present a professionally fit image of the candidate in front of the prospective employers. Sample Architectural Designer CV […]

Network Designer CV

Network Designer CV is the document used by all those who aspire to become network designers and progress in the profession. The job is a highly technical and critical one, thus the individual must have the required qualifications as well as skills. The CV must be well defined, a sample of which is being given […]

Kitchen Designer CV

Kitchen designing is a specialised segment of interior designing. A kitchen designer is an individual who designs and models the heart of every house- a kitchen. In order to get this position a candidate must present his/her skills, experience and qualifications in an impressive manner to the prospective employer and this can be done with […]

Senior Web Designer CV

A senior web designer is the senior most web designing executive in a company who has experience and high level expertise in delivering web designs and developing web based applications and models. A senior web designer is basically responsible for developing and implementing the coding of a website. Any person who is interested in applying […]

Piping Designer CV

A Piping designer is an expert who is responsible for designing of the various floating structures and marine equipments like ships, tugs, floats, submarines and buoys etc.  There are many duties and responsibilities associated with the job of a piping designer and to apply for this position, an individual must first draft a CV stating […]

Structural Designer CV

A structural designer is a designer who designs various kinds of structures and buildings which are visually appealing and practically sound. This is a branch of engineering which brings with it several job duties and responsibilities. To apply for the position of a structural designer, one needs to frame an impressive CV which talks about […]

Senior Interior Designer CV

A senior interior designer is one who provides conceptual designing for an interior designing company. Some of the job duties fulfilled by a senior interior designer are manage and supervise interior designing of the team, provide approval for design created by junior team, make suitable modifications to designs made by junior interior designers, research innovative […]

Senior Digital Designer CV

A senior digital designer is one who works in the field of digital designing in a company. The key duties that a senior digital designer fulfills are managing digital designing projects, creating content for digital media, building promotional content for digital media, making presentations to clients on digital designing concepts etc. One can be guided […]

Database Designer CV

A database designer is one who is in charge of the production and designing of the various data models in an organization. The primary responsibilities of a database designer include determination of objective of database, research on information that needs to be added in the database, input information in the form of tables, columns and […]