Category: Construction CV

Construction Storekeeper CV

A construction storekeeper is an individual who works in a store that sells construction material. He is in charge of all the transactions taking place in the store and ensures that the buyers get their purchase at the right price. They may also have to keep a track of the materials in the stock. The […]

Construction Builder CV

A construction builder should have the ability to carry heavy objects used for the purpose of construction. They may have to prepare and clean the area of construction and also assist the experienced workers in working with equipments used for construction. If a builder is working in a supervisory position it is compulsory for him […]

Construction Laborer CV

A construction laborer is an individual who is involved in the construction of any type of property and works at the site of construction. The job of a construction laborer is a tedious and a critical one as they have to carry out the root level work of the construction process. They usually have to […]

Construction Electrician CV

A Construction Electrician’s job is to maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus and fixtures using power tools. They are responsible for diagnosis of malfunctioning systems, for identifying cause of breakdowns and correcting them at a construction site. Their work includes inspecting the electrical system and to maintain the system from any kind of […]

Construction Project Director CV

A construction project manager is an individual whose duty is to plan and schedule the overall aspects of the construction project. They also have to allocate the resources, control and oversee the accounting details of the project and also ensuring that the project is being executed as per the compliance standards. The plans and objectives […]

Construction Contract Manager CV

A construction contract manager’s responsibility is to supervise a diverse team of professionals that includes engineers, architects and designers. They ensure timely completion of projects according to the given plan and specifications. Their work includes estimation of costs, providing effective cost solutions, managing and executing the project as per plan. A construction contract manager is […]

Construction Lab Technician CV

A construction lab technician is an individual whose job is to resolve any kind of issue and solve any problem in the field of construction and maintenance. They use various theories related to field of engineering, mathematics and science in order to solve those problems. They may also have to help engineers and scientists in […]

Construction Managing Director CV

A construction managing director is an individual who is responsible for the overall operations of a construction company.  They have to look into the process of budgeting as well as coordination of the projects. They have to look after the various aspects of the construction projects and have to ensure that these aspects are executed […]

Construction Piping Engineer CV

A construction piping engineer is an individual who is responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining pipes in a construction project. They look for positions where the pipes can be placed and then perform the other related functions as well.  They need to understand the use of various kinds pipes and also should possess knowledge about […]

Construction Planning Engineer CV

A construction planning engineer is an individual who does planning for all the technical aspects involved in the construction process. They are responsible for doing engineering drawings that can be applied in the construction process.  It is the construction planning engineer who ensures whether a construction site is safe and projects are executed safely. They […]