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Call Center CV

There are several jobs within the call centre that can be applied for. You can apply to be a call centre agent, a call centre manager, administrative assistant, call centre receptionist, team leader or for a job in network or system maintenance. If you want to land a job in a call centre it is […]

Call Center Designation Process Manager CV

A call center designation process manager is an individual who heads the process outsourced by the client in a call centre or a BPO. He supervises all the activities taking place to meet the process needs and the targets. The CV of a call center process manager should mention about his work experience in a call center so that he is […]

Call Center Technical Support Officer CV

A call centre technical support officer is an individual who works in the technical department of a call centre or a BPO. He is in charge of the maintenance and running of the various application software in the call centre and also sorts out any hardware related issues in any department. The CV of such […]

Call Center Quality Assurance Manager CV

A call centre quality assurance manager is an individual who checks the quality of a customer conversation of an agent. The quality assurance manager randomly selects a call to check whether the agent has followed all norms and policies of customer service or call taking and to mark out the aspects which could had made […]

Call Center Process Specialist CV

A call center process specialist is an individual with the complete knowledge about the process in a call center or in a BPO. The person is familiar with all the policies and procedures of the process and is also one of the best performer on call as his process knowledge is excellent. The CV of a call […]

Call Center Workforce Scheduler CV

A call center workforce scheduler is an individual who schedules the work force in a call center and is responsible for all the centralized workforce function. He monitors the daily as well as monthly statistics in a call center. The CV of such an individual should have details like his work experience in a call center and […]

Call Center Training Manager CV

A call center training manager is an individual who manages or heads the training department in a call centre or a business process outsourcing.  He overlooks the process training or the verbal communication training given to the employees in a call centre. The CV of a training manager should mention the previous work experience of […]

Call Center Operations Manager CV

A call center operations manager is an individual who manages the operation or a process in a call center or a business process outsourcing. He supervises the actions of the team leaders and makes a report of the on goings of a certain business operations. The CV of a call center operations manager should mention the work experience in the similar […]

Telesales Executive CV

A telesales executive is an individual working in the telemarketing business or in a call centre and makes sales for the company. The telesales executive sometimes has to work in co ordination with the marketing team by following up leads and developing new business opportunities. Thus, the CV a telesales executive should highlight about the […]

Telemarketing Manager CV

A telemarketing manager is an individual who supervises the on goings in a call center or in the telemarketing department of an organization. He may also guide a team leader on how to lead a team in handling customers efficiently. The CV of a telemarketing manager should highlight his managerial and leadership skills.   Sample […]