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Technical Business Analyst CV

A technical business analyst is an individual who provides support to the teams working on technical projects in terms of analysis and research. He/she tries to align the technology with the objectives of the business and must thus have technical knowledge as well analytical mind. Any person who wishes to be employed at the position […]

International Business Administration CV

An international business administrator is an individual who oversees transactions related to finance and trade between organizations and countries. They have to ensure that the exchanges and transactions taking place between the organizations and the countries are legal.  They are also responsible for ensuring that the exchanges are profitable. It is usually due to the […]

Business Management Consultant CV

A business management consultant is an individual who possesses extensive knowledge regarding strategies that help in developing the business. Their duties are to carry out research and give suggestions to an organization in order to increase their profit. It is essential that an individual aspiring to work as a business management consultant must have vast […]

Business Process Analyst CV

A business process analyst, also referred to as an operations research analyst is responsible for interpreting various kinds of management related information in the organization. They also help in solving management related problems and improving the efficiency of the company. They may also have to sometimes use sophisticated software in order to solve problems and […]

Business Continuity Consultant CV

A business continuity consultant is an individual who is responsible for directing and assisting in the process of developing business continuity plans as well as procedures. They may also have to evaluate the implications of the changes in operation on the business continuity plans. Sometimes it is the duty of a business continuity consultant to […]

Business CV

A business CV can be presented by any candidate for being a part of any business process. It must outline the indispensable points of a candidate for getting into the right job. Therefore, a candidate must essentially ensure to gauge on the following factors while documenting such a CV. Communicative: One must ensure to build […]

Business Process Manager CV

Business process manager is solely responsible for the business process management in an organization. This position helps in improving the business process efficiently and managing human resources with a holistic approach. Therefore a candidate looking for business process manager position must highlight all his or her qualities in detail. Sample Business Process Manager CV Name: […]

Business Controller CV

A business controller is a person who supervises the accounts, does the planning in financial matters and also looks into budgeting and other investments in the organisation. Besides deciding on how a certain amount of money is going to be invested and in which projects, a business controller also takes decisions regarding the purchase of […]

Business Development Manager CV

A business development manager has a variety of responsibilities which includes incorporating management of information, assessing new projects and investments and interacting with new clients. A business development manager CV should present the applicant’s organisational skills, his decision making ability, and his overall business management expertise. Additionally, good communication skills will be considered as an […]

Business Finance Manager CV

The job of a business finance manager is that of a high responsibility since he has to ensure and supervise the proper allocation of an organization’s financial resources. He also has to oversee the pricing, accounting, scheduling and technical performance of various contracts, deals, programs and projects. The business finance manager CV should mirror the […]