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Aviation CV

Aviation CVs need to be impressive and strong. The core importance of yourAviation CVshould be to get you an interview and perhaps ajobif you successfully wow your potentialemployers. There are a couple of things that prospectiveaviation employers’look for and it is important to include these details in yourCV. These include your image details and public relations […]

Corporate Medical Director CV

The Corporate Medical Director heads the medical staff and manages the health care facilities capitalized to serve the employees of large corporations.  They head a team of registered nurses and retained medical doctors who provide first level treatment and diagnosis for employees.  The position can be organic under the HR department or are freelancing part […]

Aircraft Propeller Engine Mechanic CV

Aircraft Propeller Engine Technicians are A/P licensed aircraft engine mechanics who have opted to specialize in maintaining turbo prop engines in commercial as well as helicopters.  They work as a team responsible for the proper inspection, repair, testing, troubleshooting, disassembly, repair and overhaul of propeller driven turboprop engines. Aircraft Propeller Mechanic CV Format Daryl T. […]

Airline Operations Control Manager CV

The Airline Operations Control Manager heads a team of airline operations coordinators and specialists who oversee the daily aircraft movements of the airline from take-off to landing and everything in between.  The team coordinates with airport station management, aircraft maintenance, cargo handling, baggage handling, catering and crewing, meteorological and air traffic control services, and aircraft […]

Airline Ticket Office Manager CV

The Airline Ticket Office Manager is the airline’s traditional sales manager tasked with heading a team of reservations and ticketing agents for single and group bookings, corporate or private.  The ticket office can be in downtown, malls, hotel lobbies and airports.  There are fewer of them as most airline selling is done by travel agents […]

Airline Ticketing Agent CV

Airline Ticketing Agents are the airline’s traditional distribution sales agents who sell airline tickets with or without seat reservations. The work in the airline’s traditional tickets offices in downtown malls and airports. They are distinguished from travel agents in their uniforms which are distinct airline ground hostess uniforms and are exclusive to selling the tickets […]

Airline Reservation Agent CV

Airline Reservation Agents are work as telesales agents who entertain passenger calls for airline seat bookings.  They can work to issue paperless tickets by email as well as process online bookings behind the scene, promulgating the seat reservations using legacy systems if there is no direct interface between airline reservations and online seat inventory displays.  […]

Airline Station Manager CV

Airline Station Managers oversee the ground service operations of a commercial airline in an air terminal.  They are assigned in the airports where the airline flies to and can be expatriates or from local ground handling agents in overseas airports. Station Managers mange the resources in the airport and provide administrative and supervisory oversight to […]

Airport Lounge Receptionist CV

Airport Lounge Receptionists provide the high end touch in airport lounges reserved for an airline’s first, premium and business class passengers prior to boarding. They are effectively the equivalent of hotel and lounge bar receptionists who welcome and offer the lounge amenities defined as part of ground services offered to high yield passengers before boarding […]

Airline Sous Chef CV

Trained no less as a Chef, the Airline Sous Chef is just a functional position for the vice chef who can take over the responsibilities of the Airline Chef when he’s not around.  While the position can be considered an assistant chef, the Airline Sous Chef often handles tasks that the chef delegates rather than […]