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Automobile CV

This sample automobile sales CV highlights what should be included in your resume for your job application to give an edge over other applicants. A car sales CV should show your strong points especially where dealing with clients is involved. The CV should therefore portray your abilities and skills efficiently. Below is a sample automobile […]

Automotive Sales Manager CV

An automotive sales manager has the responsibility to manage the sales department of an automotive industry. His duties also include sales team management and its proper operation. Therefore a candidate’s CV must highlight all the important qualities that the position demands for. Sample Automotive sales Manger CV Name: Mac Lewis Address: 3D, Edwine Road Texas- […]

Automotive Marketing Manager CV

An automotive marketing manager is a very critical resource of an automobile industry. His responsibilities are many fold among which market analysis and making necessary modifications in the strategy takes the front seat. He is also the sole responsible for taking the organization to greater heights in terms of customer satisfaction. All these qualities of […]

Entry Level Automotive CV

An entry level automotive job profile is a position in which a candidate possesses sound theoretical knowledge on the technology and mechanism of automobiles. Being an entry level job seeker, his CV should essentially reflect the excellence achieved by him during the tenure of his course. Additionally, some industrial trainings and internships can be treated […]

Automotive Service Advisor CV

An automotive service advisor is an individual who advises car owners about the servicing of a car for maintenance and identify any problem which is mechanical. The CV of automotive service advisor should highlight the work experience of the individual to get an idea about his experience in this field. Sample Automotive Service Advisor CV: […]

Automotive Service Manager CV

An Automotive Service Manager is an individual working in the managerial level in the motor vehicle industry. The CV should have details about the person’s work experience in the vehicle industry and his knowledge about motor vehicles. Sample Automotive Service Manager CV: Name: Michael Clayton Father’s name: John Clayton Date of birth: 25th of December […]

Fresher in Automobiles CV

Automobile Industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Every day there are new innovations and product launches of the automotives. This industry is so huge that it is facing shortage of qualified automobile engineers at various levels. Automobile industry provides few of the best career options and scope for growth in the profession […]

Auto Body CV

An auto body technician who works on a specific part of an automobile which is the body part his main responsibility is to repair the body part which covers the car. The auto body technician is highly demanded by the car service stations as well as by companies who deal with old usable cars. The […]

Auto Finance CV

The job of a auto finance manager included gathering finance for cars, truck or any kind of industrial automobiles.  Though the job is connected to the automobile industry it primarily deals with the sales capability of a person. The demand for auto finance people is high with automobile companies as well as with banking companies […]

Car Mechanic CV

With the growth of the small car industry the job of a car mechanic has only seen a upward rise in the demand section. These mechanics are highly skilled professional often possessing high degrees from reputed instates. They are mainly employed in the service section of various car companies. Alternatively they can have their own […]