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Art CV

Layout Artist CV Art CVs are diverse. There are many different jobs in the art industry. There are the actual artists and managers of the artists. There are also art jobs in art museums, galleries and exhibitions. You can be an organizer or a guide in any of these institutions. Employers look for specific qualities […]

Animator CV

An animator is a person who works on work related to animation in the field of films, television, internet and video games. This job requires special skills and certain specific qualifications without which one cannot be an animator. Thus an animator’s CV should give details of the course work pursued by the applicant and his […]

Sports Photographer CV

Sports photography is a genre of photography that can be easily tagged as one of the most difficult ones as it involves a lot of precision and timing. A sports photographer CV should be one that speaks on behalf of the applicant. All details of qualifications and skills of the person are mandatory to write. […]

Social and Wedding Photographer CV

Social and wedding photographers are the ones who work on covering family events and other occasions of celebration. In case when people who specialise in this field want to apply to a company, then the first step to be done is to prepare a CV. A social and wedding photographer’s CV should consist of all […]

Press Photographer CV

A Press photographer is a person who uses his photographic skills in the field of media and press. The job of these people is to work for newspapers, magazines or news channel. A press photographer CV is a document that should consist of all the details of the person along with his experience details. The […]

Documentary Photographer CV

Documentary photography typically refers to a well-liked form of camera work used to record significant and past events. The photographer tries to create truthful photography of various events and subjects. The CV of a documentary photographer must contain the detailed information about the skills of an individual. It should also highlight all the qualifications as […]

Advertising Photographer CV

Advertising photographers take fashion images for marketing and sales encouragement purposes. They work by the way of companies who give specifications on illumination, subject matter and appeal to create an effectual publicity medium through photographs. Their work may be launched in both printed and digital media. Sample Advertising Photographer CV Jason Bantry, 134, Challenger Quay, […]

Corporate Photographer CV

Photographers, who work for the commercial or business world, are often termed as corporate photographer. They should also have undergone training in photography alongside other qualifications to be eligible and also a desirable candidate for this job. Thus, the person’s CV should accentuate the qualities that make him a commendable photographer. Sample Corporate Photographer CV […]

Makeup Artist CV

A makeup artist is trusted with the responsibility of making the performers or models look good on digital and printed media. His or her work may sometime set a new trend in the fashion world and is therefore very important. The makeup artist should possess a very creative bend of mind and good observation capability. […]

Fashion Stylist CV

The pictures or videos that are shown for the promotion of a certain brand are usually the creative work of a fashion stylist working closely with fashion photographers. A fashion stylist designs the set and arranges for the props and models to be used in them. Thus, the person’s CV should speak of the creativity […]