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Advertising CV

Preparing an advertising CV demands a lot of thought. Employers sift through advertising CVs searching for applicants who have good communication skills as reflected in the manner in which their advertising CVs have been written. An advertising CV should show that you are creative and you can work in a team or as an individual. […]

Brand Advertising Manager CV

The primary job responsibility of a brand advertising manager is to create strategies and implement them to ensure that client brands have a good recall value and higher visibility in the target market. It is important for a brand advertising manager CV to highlight the job responsibilities along with client details handled. Sample Brand Advertising […]

Advertising Sales Agent CV

The primary job responsibility of an advertising sales agent is to generate revenue through selling ad space. It is hence important to provide information of your communication abilities, any past experience in the same industry, and job detail in your advertising sales agent CV. The CV should also highlight your career objective. Sample Advertising Sales […]

Advertising Director CV

An advertising director CV needs to be extremely detailed and should contain work experience that highlights mainly achievement. An advertising director could be from a creative background, client servicing stream, or even from media planning. The most important aspect is that an advertising director brings a lot expertise to any agency and this should be […]

Advertising Sales Executive CV

The job responsibility of an advertising sales executive is to work with the sales team of an advertising agency in managing, servicing, and retaining existing clients. The role demands dedication and commitment apart from excellent communication ability. An advertising sales executive CV should not only include objective but also highlight capabilities. Sample Advertising Sales Executive […]

Advertising Sales Manager CV

The job responsibility of an advertising sales manager is to develop sound sales plans and create strategies that will generate revenue for the agency. The advertising sales manager CV should aim at providing information regarding your experience related to creating corporate presentations, client business proposals, and handling client queries and advertising needs. Sample Advertising Sales […]

Advertising Agency CV

The main aim of an advertising agency CV is to promote your skills and experience in the advertising industry to a reputed agency. The advertising agency CV should highlight experience and achievements in the industry as this is what will help you to get ahead of the immense competition that is there in the industry […]

Advertising Executive CV

An advertising executive is responsible for driving new business, retaining existing business, and coordinating with the client as well as the advertising agency’s creative and marketing team. An advertising executive CV should include what you want to achieve through your career in advertising and what you have achieved so far. Sample Advertising Executive CV Noel […]

Advertising Coordinator CV

The job of an advertising coordinator is very integral to the client agency relationship. An advertising coordinator CV should not only show experience in building client relationships but also in maintaining those relationships. An advertising coordinator also takes care of all print and electronic media advertising requirements for clients. Sample Advertising Coordinator CV Jeremy Burns […]

Marketing Advertising CV

The marketing advertising CV is for professionals who want to carve their niche in both marketing and advertising industry. At the heart of the marketing advertising CV is the educational information, the objective and the experience gained in the same industry. It is important to enclose relevant personal and professional details. Sample Marketing Advertising CV […]